Hi everyone!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? What a crazy couple of years. We had a pandemic, my kid started kindergarten, I made a TV show and a trilogy of graphic novels, (more on those later), I injured my leg and couldn’t walk for a month, just wild times!

So some updates:

First, I wrote some Magic: The Gathering comics for Boom Studios! Magic: Master of Metal is a one-shot following the planeswalker, Tezzeret and Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker is a 4-issue series featuring Liliana and a secret new planeswalker. (Ooh secrets!)

The next big news is that I am co-creating a graphic novel trilogy with Pablo Tunica and Ariana Maher that will be released from Skybound Comet. Sea Serpent’s Heir tells the story of Aella, a young girl who dreams of adventure, but discovers her future may not be as bright as she hoped. Turns out, she is the reincarnation of the demon Xir, and she is destined to destroy the world! Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter will be released in October 2022, and books two and three are already in the works!

Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter

Finally, I have spent the last few years writing and producing my own animated television show. But we can’t talk about it just yet. Look for a big announcement this summer. (Sorry, I just had to tease you all a little bit.)

And on a bit of personal news: I have decided to spend less time on social media and have deactivated my Twitter and don’t really use Facebook anymore. The best way to keep up to date with me will be this site and my newsletter (which I will try to update more often). You can also reach me through the contact section of this site and business or media inquiries should be sent to my representatives at Archetype.

Thanks everyone and have a great May!