Netflix has just released the teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution, a new animated series executive produced by me! I serve as the head writer and showrunner, with staff writers, Mae Catt and Tim Sheridan. It is beautifully animated by Red Dog Culture House with a stellar cast and crew! The show tells a new story set in the world of BioWare’s amazing Dragon Age video games.

Watch the trailer here!

And here’s the official press release with more info!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? What a crazy couple of years. We had a pandemic, my kid started kindergarten, I made a TV show and a trilogy of graphic novels, (more on those later), I injured my leg and couldn’t walk for a month, just wild times!

So some updates:

First, I wrote some Magic: The Gathering comics for Boom Studios! Magic: Master of Metal is a one-shot following the planeswalker, Tezzeret and Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker is a 4-issue series featuring Liliana and a secret new planeswalker. (Ooh secrets!)

The next big news is that I am co-creating a graphic novel trilogy with Pablo Tunica and Ariana Maher that will be released from Skybound Comet. Sea Serpent’s Heir tells the story of Aella, a young girl who dreams of adventure, but discovers her future may not be as bright as she hoped. Turns out, she is the reincarnation of the demon Xir, and she is destined to destroy the world! Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter will be released in October 2022, and books two and three are already in the works!

Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter

Finally, I have spent the last few years writing and producing my own animated television show. But we can’t talk about it just yet. Look for a big announcement this summer. (Sorry, I just had to tease you all a little bit.)

And on a bit of personal news: I have decided to spend less time on social media and have deactivated my Twitter and don’t really use Facebook anymore. The best way to keep up to date with me will be this site and my newsletter (which I will try to update more often). You can also reach me through the contact section of this site and business or media inquiries should be sent to my representatives at Archetype.

Thanks everyone and have a great May!

Hi Everyone!

No, the title’s not a mistake. I’ve branched out of my comfort zone and recently wrote some shorts for Sanrio’s new Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures YouTube series. It was a great experience and felt like I was giving a gift to everyone struggling to stay positive in 2020 (including myself). If you need a little more serotonin in your day, you can watch them on Youtube here:

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures – “Birthday Mess.”

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures – “Perfection.”

Warner Bros. Animation just released my next movie: 

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

In this story, that I co-wrote with Ernie Altbacker (thanks Ernie always nice to work with you), The Justice League recruits the Justice League Dark and decides to take the fight to Darkseid once and for all. But can anything prepare them for Apokolips?  

The movie is now available for digital download and will be available on BluRay and 4K Ultra HD on May 19th.

Go watch it!

Friday March 29th

3pm in Room 207 – Engage Your Students in STEM with Graphic Novels

5pm at Booth 1109 – IDW Transformers Signing

Sunday March 31st

10:30am in Room 213AB – The Saving Throw Guide to Superhero RPGs

11:30am in Room North 200B – Women on The Dark Side

1:30 pm at Booth 1101 – Batgirl Signing with DC Comics

Marvel Rising is a new animated franchise from Marvel Animation starring the next generation of heroes: Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Inferno, Patriot, America Chavez and Quake.

I have had the honor of helping launch this new franchise by writing a movie, a 22-minute animated special and a series of shorts that are all available to watch on the Marvel HQ Youtube channel.

Art by Mingjue Helen Chen

Start with Marvel Rising: Initiation, a series of animated shorts, which introduce Gwen Stacy, aka Ghost Spider, as she tries to clear her name by catching the criminal who framed her for the murder of her best friend. Along the way she’ll meet new super heroes, Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Quake and Patriot.

Then watch Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, a full-length animated movie, which follows Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl, as they discover a secret Kree plot to take over the world with Inhuman soldiers. Along the way they’ll need to recruit Inferno and America Chavez with help of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, and her partner, Patriot. Together, they’ll form the Secret Warriors, Marvel’s next generation of heroes.

Finally, watch Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts, a 22-minute animated special, where Ghost Spider returns to action hot on the heels of her nemesis, Sheath, but finds that she’s not operating alone, Sheath’s’s teamed up with Exile, a powerful Inhuman. When the Secret Warriors show up chasing Exile, Ghost Spider will have to learn to work with the team of young heroes to defeat them and possibly clear her name with the chief of police, Captain Stacy, her estranged father.

It’s been a joy writing Marvel Rising. I can’t wait for you to see what I have coming up next. As always you can keep up to date with my work by subscribing to my newsletter or following me on Twitter. Until next time…

Be Well,

Hi Everyone,

San Diego Comic Con is coming up real soon and I wanted to put out my full schedule of signings and panels.

Thursday July 20th

2pm to 3pm

Room 9

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe! IDW and Hasbro Present First Strike panel

3pm to 4pm

Room 25ABC

Motivating your inner MAD-KOOKY-CRAZY-CURIOUS-RELUCTANT Scientist panel

4pm to 5pm

IDW Booth #2743

Hasbro First Strike Signing

Friday July 21st

2pm to 3pm

San Diego Central Library/ Shiley Suite on the 9th Floor

Nonfiction and Memoir in Graphic Novels panel

Saturday July 22nd

6pm to 7pm

IDW Booth #2743

Hasbro First Strike Signing

Sunday July 23rd

12pm to 1pm

IDW Booth #2743

Hasbro First Strike Signing

Hope I’ll see ya there!


I haven’t done a general news update in a bit so I thought I’d talk about some upcoming projects.

On the TV side of things. my Justice League Action episode, “The Trouble with Truth” just aired starring Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow and Athena. It was wonderful telling a story about Wonder Woman and her relationship to the Gods. Check it out if you have a chance. Also Athena gets a magical-girl-style transformation which is just awesome.

I’ve been consulting on season 2 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon and a bunch of my episodes have been airing. Check out a clip of one of my recent episodes here.

On the comics side of things, I’m co-writing IDW and Hasbro’s big summer crossover event, First Strike, with David Rodriguez. Max Dunbar is drawing this one with colors by Ander Zarate and letters by Tom B. Long and it looks amazing. In the event, Baron Ironblood leads a group of the worse villains from the Hasbro multiverse in a quest to destroy Cybertron and it is up to Scarlett and her G.I. Joe team to stop him with help from Optimus Prime. Issue 0 was just released and can be read for free here.

I also have two graphic novels being released by First Second books in early 2018.

The first book is part of  First Second’s educational Science Comics line and is called Robots and Drones. Jacob Chabot provided the art and did a great job bringing all these incredible robots to life. I have never done so much research before in my life. This will be a great read for any youngsters interested in robotics.

The second book is an original graphic novel called The City on the Other Side that I co-created with artist Robin Robinson. This book follows a young girl who discovers a magical artifact and gets pulled over to the fey realm hidden within early 1910s San Francisco. Robin’s art is beautiful and this all-ages tale will spark the imagination with its inventive depictions of fairies and magic.

So it’s been a fun year and 2018 will be even cooler. My next convention appearance will be San Diego Comic Con and I will be posting my schedule a few days before the show. As I decide on my schedule for the second half of the year, I’ll keep you up to date here.

Be Well,

I should have written this a while ago, but I wanted to wait until after Issue #10 because it was such an important issue for me, a triumph of our series. And I think it truly is a triumph.  It’s difficult and uncomfortable and still very compelling. This is in big part thanks to Sara’s amazing art and Joana’s amazing colors. So now I’ll say it. We’re cancelled.

What happened? Nothing.

We were asked if we wanted to do something to shake things up (shift focus, shift cast, shift story) after the First Strike event, which is also normal, but I didn’t. I love Transformers, but I’ve been writing it for literally years and I wanted to tell this story. So rather than think of a new story I didn’t love as much, I just chose to end us here.

Till All Are One will go to Issue 12 and then an annual will be put out late 2017/early 2018  to wrap up any loose threads. A thousand thanks to our editor, Carlos, for giving us that much-needed space. A thousand thanks to Sara and Joana and Priscilla and Tom and John and Meg and Jason and all the people I know I’m forgetting and shouldn’t.

Issue 11 and 12 are going to be awesome by the way. I think we crafted a really satisfying, positive ending emotionally and the annual puts that needed cherry on top. We did something I never thought I’d be able to pull off that I’ll talk about more when it’s released.

In the meantime, I’d like to take a moment to say all the things I couldn’t before:



The Combaticons. Think about it. These guys DON’T HAVE FACES! (Well, Blast Off does) and she makes them so expressive without making it seem like she’s cheating their designs or making them cartoony. I had to keep writing them!


The Bruticus face made out of Combaticons. Even as I wrote it I was like “I’ve got nothing. Good luck!” Naturally, she knocked it out of the park, but I still feel bad. [NOTE: this doesn’t include Issue 12, which may still kill her because it’s also basically impossible.]


-Ironhide’s private security firm and their wacky adventures (mostly with Tall Tankor and Fat Tankor)

-An issue of Titan’s Return just about the Maccadam’s Crew having to defend the bar from being smushed.

-Lightbright and Sparkstalker’s Conjunx Endura ceremony.

-Somehow bringing together all the femmes from the G1 crew onto one team for an issue.

-Breakdown calling out Knock Out for weight-shaming.

-Exploring the racial/tribal divides on Eukaris.

-Giving Metroplex an avatar so he could move around the city and meet people like a normal ‘Bot.

-Metroplex goes to Caminus and has to come to terms with the cut-up body of his most treasured companion.

-Tall Tankor and Fat Tankor meet the Micromaster Tankor that turns into a train and they hate him for, like, no reason. He just can’t get into the “tankor clique”.

-Elita One takes over Kaon and builds a militarized city-state that threatens to reignite the war.

-Revealing Windblade and Chromia’s holo-avatars.

-Having everyone from Cybertron be disturbed by Elita One because she is literally the color of energon so it’s like meeting someone painted in blood.


-There were two separate occasions where my husband argued that Fat Tankor should die for emotional impact and I just couldn’t kill him.

-I almost took out the name “Fat Tankor” in the final proof of Windblade Vol. 1 because robots can’t be fat and I was nervous, but John Barber insisted I keep it.


I want to take a moment and thank you, the readers. You’ve made me stronger, bolder, and better at my craft and the love you have shown this story has been inspiring. I will miss you most of all and I hope you follow me on my next books (because there will be more books) even if they don’t have giant robots.

Be Well,

Mairghread Wild Scott